Who Is She?

The picture is cloudy.

J'vlyn d'Ark

mysterious pixelated person
Catch me if you can...

Hey! My name is J'vlyn.

"It's pronounced like Jav-lyn" - a phrase that is practically part of the name itself. Where it comes from is a long story for another time. However, I've had that name long enough to know that computers don't like it and professors can't pronounce it. In vain hopes of flying a bit more under the radar, I changed the name on my student ID's to Ursula, which also has my legal last name Newfield. You can call me any of these!

It's confusing! :)

But it's mine!

What's in a name, anyway?

Some Background

I'm American; I moved here a century ago when I graduated high school. This is in fact my second undergrad at Concordia (just can't get enough). My first was a bunch of years ago, in which I majored in Studio Arts.

This time, my major is in Comp-Sci with a specialization in Computation Arts (trasnfer credits for the win!)

In the years since my last Concordia rendez-vous, I've lived a couple of lives and tasted the rainbow. To name a few of my exploits: becoming a rave queen and an underground house and techno DJ, playing / organizing events at clubs, independent raves, and festival like Igloofest and Piknic Electronik. Eventually I went to school for audio engineering and did that for awhile at the same time. I've also run art galleries, created live visuals for theatrical productions, done incubators for video games and artificial intelligence, and produced a whole lot of electronic music!

Art will always be my home.

However, the journey through electronic music and being a starving artist for too long prompted a strong desire for change and a focus on something equally technical and lucrative. Thus, I decided to give computer science a try. It just seemed sensible.

Little did I know that I would fall in love with math, with programming, and with the ability to harness my previous experience in this new way. So here we are, about halfway through my degree and still loving it (despite having no life)!

In terms of background skills, I'm fluent with Adobe products, various DAWs (Ableton preferred), 3D modelling programs like Unity and Blender, and I write Java with some familiarty in Ruby, SQL, LISP, C, Python, and now a bit of HTML/CSS!

I'm really excited to create my own website!

Have no doubt, it's gone be a trip...