About J'vlyn d'Ark

J’vlyn d’Ark wears many hats.

J'vlyn is a certified Audio Engineer with a specialization in electronic music composition and mixing. In this capacity she is a writer for LANDR Audio, freelance sound designer, and composes electronic scores for film.

J'vlyn is a Designer with a focus on graphic design and branding for events, artists, and venues. Combined with her knowledge of web design, UI/UX design, and VFX she is equipped to produce a wide range of digital content.

J'vlyn is a DJ spinning all the darkest tracks of deep house, deep tech, techno, and minimal genres. She has played to crowds of thousands of guests at festivals, events, and venues such as Igloofest Montreal, Piknic Élektronik, Métropolis, Société des Arts Technologiques, LIP, Salon Daomé, Nuit Blanche, Velvet Speakeasy, Club Unity Montreal, Laïka, and more.

J'vlyn is a Multimedia Artist working within the mediums of sound, video, installation, and performance. She has created immersive audio / visual experiences with events such as TRYST and D'ark Mistress, and has been featured locally and internationally in galleries, film festivals, and live events.